Do The Time

Instructor: Various

Single Class: $30.00
Location: 294 Broome Street

Conbody is prison style bootcamp class lead by former inmates. It's a no frills sweat session using only your body weight as resistance (like in prison). They are known for rebuilding lives while transforming bodies. Based on their recent features on Fox News, ABC and The New York Times, the streets are watching out for these guys.

I snatched up 5 classes during their recent 50% off summer sale. I have only taken two classes so far and I love it. My first class was Hard Core Thursdays with Syretta. Do not let her sweet smile fool you. She is a beast. For about 40 mins, we did cardio drills followed by active recovery, focusing on abs. Last nights class was Tough Love Tuesday with Ray. This class was killer! We were charged with challenging calisthenics and sentenced to silly dance moves.

I attended both classes at Saks Wellery, their temporary pop-up location on 5th Ave. Conbody also hosts an annual 5K run and advocates for badly needed prison law reform.

Ladies, if you want to turn heads in that hot bodycon dress, sign up for ConBody!

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