Done!!!! #turnitup 

Victory is mine! I did it ya’ll!!!! I completed SoulCycle’s Turn It Up Challenge. 20 classes in 30 days….done! Below are some highlights from the past month. 

-Favorite Class- May 2nd with Master Instructor Akin. Akin’s classes are extremely hard to get into. I swear by 12:00:01 pm on Mondays ALL his classes for the week are waitlisted (the schedule opens at 12:00pm). On Monday, May 1st, my quick fingers and determination got me in. His class was awesome! I definitely see what all the hype is about. #advanced

-Favorite Moment- When I was running late for a 6:30pm class but was able to switch into the 7:30pm without a penalty (Thanks Fidi) 

-Favorite Instructors-Trammel, Francis, Liz, Kaili, Selena, Love, Austin W and Tomas 

-Favorite Studios- Nomad, Brooklyn Heights, 19th Street (Least Favorite- Union Square) 

-Favorite part of class-Weights! I enjoy lifting and I also like knowing that the hardest part of class is over. After about class 8, I decided to up my weight game from 2lbs to 5lbs. Those 5lbs are a bitch but I pushed through.

-Favorite Song Played- DNA by Kendrick Lamar. I lose my mind when it comes on. (and anything by Beyoncé)

-Favorite Move: Sexy Corners and TapBack/PushUp

-Favorite Benefit: My works pants don’t hate me anymore! I feel great. Def lost inches and a few lbs. 

As a reward for completing the challenge, participants get a gym bag, a free class and in studio recognition. The personal satisfaction of finally checking this off my bucketlist….priceless!!

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