Turn it Up (SoulCycle)

I am doing it! It’s happening! Challenge Accepted! 

I signed up for SoulCycle’s Turn it Up Challenge. From April 18 until May 17, I will be in a Spin State of Mind. I am committed to taking 20 Soul Cycle classes within the next 30 days. Pray for me! 

I have wanted to participate in Soul Cycle’s semi annual challenge for quite a while now. Year after year, self doubt gets the best of me and I push it off. This time around, I am extinguishing my excuses! I am going to check this box off my bucket list once and for all. 

SoulCycle is one of my favorite spin classes. I love everything about them. The super cute studios, the spiritual sweat sessions, the inspirational instructors and the banging beats, you name it…I love it! 

SoulCyle offered 3 choices for its contest this year. Complete 10, 20 or 30 classes in 30 days.  I felt 10 classes would be a piece of cake and 30 would be too damn hard so I settled on 20. It’s going to be tough but I think I can do it. 

Subscribe and stay tuned as I ride this journey of sacrifice and strength. 

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