When I signed up for MNSTR, I had no idea what to expect other than I’d be spinning  (duh). I’ve walked by the Limelight location several times and have always been left intrigued. Do they really spin in a church? Is David Barton Gym in there too? What happened to the marketplace? I just had to jump on their 1st class for $15 deal to cure my curiosity. 

Upon arrival, I realized I was indeed entering a church, a dark funky gothic sort of church. It was creepy yet cool. The walls were painted pitch black. The main source of lighting in the lobby was their illuminated cross-like logo and signage. My coworkers and I took a seat on the pews while we waited for class to start.  At about 6:25pm, the arched double doors opened and we proceeded into the sanctuary. 

This is where things got interesting.

1) There were NO assigned bikes.  Just like in church, I sat/spun wherever my heart desired.  

2) There were music videos! I haven’t watched a video in years. Two large projectors displayed various videos that fill the room with sights and sounds to spin to.  The selections were diverse and distracting, in a good way. From ancient 80s hits to today’s Trap, there was something for every one. 

3) You will burn! I might have been in a “church” but my legs were in hell! The hills and climbs were brutal. Watching Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj prance around in leotards “Feeling Themselves” definitely helped me refocus my energy and push past the pain. 

All in all, I enjoyed the class. In April, MNSTR is hosting an amazing challenge that I really wish I could join. Participants that take 20 classes in 30 days win 6 free classes and merchandise! MNSTR is intense but I think I could do it. Unfortunately, work deadlines and travel plans won’t let me be great. 

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