The Sweat Shed

With 14 gyms in Manhattan alone, Crunch recently added itself to the booming boutique fitness scene with their newest offering, The Sweat Shed. 

The Sweat Shed, available at the 59th Street site, is an immersive HIIT workout. For 50mins, we did it all and dripped sweat to prove it! The class was broken down into segments. First a warm up, then cardio bursts, followed by circuits, then group floor work.  The session I took on Friday was intimate, with only 4 participants. I can’t complain considering, it was St Patrick’s Day, after all.  Despite the small class size, Sonny, our instructor was motivating and encouraging. The class was intense! Sonny jammed Plyo moves, TRX, box jumps and rowing into the fast paced, high energy class. 

Sessions at The Sweat Shed are $35.00 a pop however current Crunch members like myself, can take the class at a discounted price. Another cool concept at The Sweat Shred are the heart rate monitors that are available for purchase. They are recommended to track performance levels in real time. 

Your first class at The Sweat Shed is complementary, so sign up soon. 

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