It was a brutally cold Saturday morning in Brooklyn. A dismal 18 degrees to be exact. Wrapped in the comfort of my bed, I was faced with a critical choice. Should I A) stay nestled in my pajamas and continue binging on old Law & Order episodes or should I B) get up, pile on layers of clothes, trek an hour all the way to Manhattan to take a bootcamp class. Although, I value quality time with my bed, I chose B! It was BrittneBabe Bitch!  

BrittneBabe is one of my favorite Instagram fitness personalities. Her body is banging, her stomach is snatched and her skin is on fleek! She was only going to be teaching in NYC for one day so I HAD to be in attendance. About 35 of her 1 million IG followers had the same idea and came out for a fun yet challenging workout. 

BrittneBabe specializes in using calisthenics for maximum results. We performed numerous body weight sequences that sparked both sweat and smiles. After the 45 minute workout, we played 3 games geared towards challenging and motivating one another. The participant that could out plank, out push-up or out squat the rest of the class was awarded a T-Shirt.  I won the squat round! That shit was tough, but I killed it!! 

At the end of class, BrittneBabe and her manager mom shared some secrets to their success.  Stay focused and Be Patient. Stop comparing yourself to others is the nugget of knowledge I walked away with. In this world, It’s You vs. You!

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