What a week !

This week was crazy busy at work but I made time to do what I love. You guessed it….I worked out!!! (In my LMFAO voice *Damn that song was hot in 2011)

Although, I didn’t get a chance to try any new studios this week, I did revisit some of my faves. 

Monday: Cyc Fitness with Elena- her tap back game is sick!!!

Tuesday: Switch Playground- Rocked out with the best trainers, Jeff, Zack, Geneva and Kris 

Wednesday: Sacred Studio-Bikram Yoga with Brooklyn was boss!! 

Thursday: Cyc Fitness with Tom (and Beyoncé) celebrating his 1,000th rides 👏🏾👏🏾

Friday: Rest -Had to work until 8pm…on a Friday!!! 

Saturday: ShadowBox-I need to smash out my stress.

Studios to try soon: F45 Training, Pure Barre and Y7. Stay Tuned! 

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