The Fhitting Room

  • Class: Signature Fhix
  • Instructors: Carlos and Daury
  • Location: 31 West 19th Street
  • Single Class Rate: $38
  • New Client Offer: 2 Classes for $38

“We are going to be so sore tomorrow ”
“What just happened”
“OMG, That was intense”

..All remarks, I uttered to my coworkers as we left last nights 50min class at the Fhitting Room.

During Signature Fhix (Functional High Intense Mix), we crushed circuits of jump ropes,high knees, kettlebell swings, figure 8s, box jumps, lunges, burpees, agility speed drills, shoulders presses, rowing, TRX, and squats.

I told was intense!

Carlos and Daury were our instructors/comedians for the evening. They were hilarious. Time flew by thanks to their humor. They were also super helpful and easy on the eyes. If you have any objections to profanity, pass on Daury’s classes.  He “does not give any fucks”. His words, not mine.

Choose your class carefully. There are levels to this shit. Fhix is for novices. FHIXtreme is for pros. Select Fhixpit, if a smaller class size is your style. It houses 10 people max.

I know my body is going to ache tomorrow. Who am I kidding, my body is going to hate me tomorrow. Was it worth? Yes. I needed that Fhix!

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