I would consider myself a peaceful person. I don’t do drama. I try to seek the positive in every situation. I am also human. I have moments when slow tourist, stalled trains and stupid Trump, test my tolerance. On days like those, my solution is a visit to ShadowBox.

ShadowBox is a high intensity boxing class. Using classic combos, ShadowBox transforms an accountant like me into a full fledged fighter.  At last nights 45 min class, it was Fab vs Bag #9. For seven rounds, I jabbed/crossed my frustrations away in a dimly lit blue room. During the speed rounds, I channeled my inner Laila Ali and threw hooks and uppercuts nonstop. For active recovery, I powered through burpees, squats and push ups. The times when I started to feel tired, Top 40 tunes kept my energy level elevated. 

After some core work and a cool down, I returned to calm. I am happy to report, the only thing I killed tonight were calories. 

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