You might think, ‘You take one spin class, you’ve taken them all’. Surprisingly, this not true in NYC.  Most studios have something special to offer. You can compete with strangers at Swerve or reconnect with your spirit at SoulCyle. If you are looking to rock out and celebrate life, sign up for CYC.

CYC is a beat based spin class. Each petal push is matched to the music. The room is pimped out with strobe lights and a booming sound system. Tonight’s class was all about Queen B!!! We rode in Formation (literally) and were reminded of Who Runs the Worlds (girls, duh)

We took a brief break from jamming to focus on arms. We used sandbags to pulse and tone. After a few reps, those small suckers got heavy.

The 45min class sped by. I have an appointment to see the Cycologist again next week.

Perks: Free Spin Shoes. Spacious changing area

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