Switch Playground

  • Class: Switch Group
  • Instructors: Six Switch Trainers
  • Location: 130 East 12th
  • Single Class Rate: $35.00
  • New Client Offer: First Class Free
  • http://www.switchplaygroundusa.com

Today is Valentines Day! Like many other New Yorkers, I spent this special day with my one true love….Switch Playground!!

I am not joking.  I love this place. Since taking my first class (which was free), I have been Ob.Sessed!! This 60min class had me sweating up a storm and swearing like a sailor.

The class started off with 5 minutes of calming yoga then the room was transformed into a Vegas style nightclub but with kettlebells, rowing machines and stairclimbers. The workout was sick!

I was teamed up with Tanisha. Together, we rotated through 20 different stations. We crushed each exercise for 2 minutes. Just when we wanted to give up, the DJ yelled Switch and we were off to the next station. There were plenty of helpful hot bodied trainers telling us what to do. There were times when I caught a couple of them Milly Rocking (Jeff) or Twerking (Zack).

Rumor has it another location is opening in Soho this Spring. Luckily, I jumped on their 5 for $100 promotion. I know where I’ll be playing after work.

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