Fitness Fact: Always workout on a Monday!

After a weekend of indulging on fattening foods and adult beverages, I HAD to haul my ass to a spin class.  I needed to burn a gazillion calories and I knew FlyWheel would do the trick. Luckily, I treated myself to 20 classes during their recent Holiday Sale so I booked a bike ASAP

I strapped on my shoes (which are free at FlyWheel, along with water and fruit) mounded bike 27, tied up my locs and let loose. Megan’s diverse playlist of rock and reggae instantly melted away all the worries of the day. In the midst of a tough hill, Kanye West reminded me that “th-that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger”. According to the FlyWheel app, I torched over 650 calories. Not too shabby!

One of these days, I’ll be brave enough to have my power level displayed on the TorqBoard during class. In the meantime I’ll gauge my performance using the on-bike monitor.

I like FlyWheel because they have so many ride challenges throughout the year. I recently scored a free ride for participating in their SuperBowl Sunday Challenge. Next up, the Fly into Summer contest. How hard can 4 spin classes a week for 4 weeks be? Yikes!

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